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When does Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific season 3 begin?

For the last few years, every two months, like the clockwork, a new ძ Collection of duty The season meets the servers and adds new items. War zone Players for fun.

The two-month hour of the second season is almost over, and the third season is VanguardD and War zone On the way, and now we know exactly when players can expect to download great updates, connect, and save new content with friends.

On April 13, St. call of Duty Twitter has released a sneak peek for the third season that features a new movie scene starring Task Force Harpy. The Task Force contains several new Operators that players will be able to unlock in the upcoming Season.

The trailer also showed operators using new weapons that would likely be unlocked with new content. And finally a sound byte plays on the radio that seems to disturb the Godzilla crossover event.

The hype is real, so thankfully, the tweet also revealed that the third season, called Classified Arms, will kick off on April 27. This means that the season is expected to end one day earlier, on April 26, or at the latest, first thing in the morning. April 27 hours.

The longer than usual wait for the new season is almost over and ძ Collection of duty Fans were probably trying to use the new weapon on Caldera while potentially struggling under the hood.

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