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Clash Royale: best decks for the ice reflex challenge

The challenge of royal clash called Reflections on Ice is ready to enjoy in the Supercell arena in a few moments, with a revamped environment that will let us enjoy the clones in a special way.

royal clash It continues with its unstoppable calendar of Season 43 challenges where this ‘Reflections on Ice’ debuts to bring a fresher touch to the mechanics, where both the enemy’s deck and yours matter… and luck.

And it is that during the fights in this way clones will appear in the soiland if we’re lucky enough to have our troops on top of that effect, they’ll be doubled.

Best decks for the ice reflex Clash Royale challenge

In this way, luck will play an important role during the battle, although we will also be able to take better advantage of the cloning effects with cards like the Skeleton King or the Lava Hound.

Long live the king!

The flying machine plus skeletons and cheap cards will fight for the skeleton king or giant skeleton to occupy enemy territories. If we are also lucky enough to duplicate both cards, the battle will begin.

with good wind

Air is a tricky area royal clashthat we can attack with the lava dog along with the flying machine, with an extra fury if the lumberjack falls in combat.

Deck 2 Clash Royale reflections on ice

collapse top

If we manage our elixir correctly and have the ability to collapse units like the balloon, the dog or the minions near the enemy turret along with the tornado and fireball combination, a golden path to victory will open before us .

Deck 3 Clash Royale reflections on ice

all to the world

Defend the balloon until it reaches the tower, and if luck is with us and it doubles, we will have a lot of cattle, added to an entire army to defend it both by land and air. Risky? Yes.

Deck 4 Clash Royale reflections on ice

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