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Clash Royale: The dates of all season 43 challenges

Season 43 of royal clash, Frost Festival, has already started with its numerous novelties. Although not exactly at the level of balance changes. And open a new window for many challenges to engage in the month of January.

A season 43 that has already started with the Lanzafuegos show for New Years, and that will be with us until January 8. But first, over the weekend, it’s time for another Royal Tournament where we can test our adaptation to the December meta.

Dates of all season 43 challenges in Clash Royale

In total they are seven challenges from this January season in royal clash, once again culminating in a mega-pick challenge that’s already a regular occurrence, and one we can expect to continue to do for seasons to come. Many of them, of course, have a cut casual, to be able to enjoy them and their rewards without fear of defeat.

  • New Year’s Fireworks Show – from 2 to 8 January
  • Royal Tournament – ​​​​from January 7 to 11
  • Ice Super Golem Challenge – January 9-15
  • Ice Clone Challenge – January 16-22
  • Royal Community Tournament* – from January 21 to 25
  • Balloon Festival 2v2 – from January 23 to 29
  • Mega Pick Challenge – January 30 – February 5

And it’s that it’s still a party, and nothing better than chill challenges to do them, even with friends like that 2v2 balloon festival. Although there are still some doubts to be resolved since then royal clash It keeps up the mystery of the sneak peeks with that special Royal Tournament awaiting us near the end of the month where the meta and community seem to have significant weight.

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