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Clash Royale: Best Decks for Double Elixir Party Mode

With the arrival of the new year royal clash He’s got us fighting in the arena in festive fashion with the reboot of his party mode, starting with a double elixir 2v2where explosiveness and collapse will reign together with a well-worn strategy.

This Double Elixir 2v2 is the first of Season 43’s party modes and is well known to all players of royal clashand as in any of the modes, there are certain decks that take the lead, although you also need to understand the strategy of the game.

So in addition to using the variants that best suit this waste of elixirwe will also have to take into account that our opponent plays the same trick, and mature the situation to deliver the final blow.

In this way, the best decks for this mode will be the ones that allow us to exploit the double elixir without losing our mind when attacking, while maintaining a good strategy with a high cost. It’s a party mode, yes, but if we can destroy, so much the better.

Double elixir plus elixir golem you will earn elixir

With the extra elixir that mode itself gives us, we can use the elixir golem And his handicap won’t bother us too much, added to the pig rider to counterattack and the minions to defend the skies.

The lumberjack at your service

The strategy is to launch lumberjack as many times as we can accompanied by another letter to destroy, in addition to protecting the princess who will cover us from a distance and the laser dragon prepared to destroy tanks.

Double Elixir Challenge Clash Royale 2

golden knight as squire

Golden Knight More noble giants enjoy an easy collapse to perform, plus the magician defending and some obstacles along the way with the furnace that will hinder the rival.

Double Elixir Challenge Clash Royale 3

give me more elixir

The elixir collector It will always be an extra help, on the one hand the enemy will have to take it down and on the other hand it will add to party mode’s own handicap, allowing us to launch and protect the goles along with a knight and his combo with the tornado.

Double Elixir Challenge Clash Royale 4

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