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Clash Royale: the best decks for the Tournament of Fury

A new one will start in a few hours anger tournament in royal clash, one of Season 42’s 11 challenges for the Supercell strategy game. A tricky challenge, because in its simplicity, knowing how to play with anger is the key to everything.

The Tournament of Fury is one of the simplest royal clashin which we must take advantage of the anger that travels across the map as quickly as possible, because if we try to play in a relaxed way or turn the duel into a Russian roulette, we will see our turrets quickly knocked down.

In this way, some of the cards that we have to consider when building the decks are options such as the mother witchkey in a counter-attack, or the mythical balloonthat can deal damage if the opponent doesn’t have a good counter like the electric wizard or the tornado in his hand.

Fly through the air

As we said, it’s easy to maintain a strategy with the bombastic balloon in our possession, as long as we cover it well with cards like the magician to deal with the minions.

To the tank you live better

If you add the speed of rage to the power of a large tank like the golem, you can make an incredible combo, added to the mother witch that will take care of those skeletons that try to harass you.

Deck 2 Tournament of Fury

keep it up sir

The knight can be a great card because of its good work, both in defense against a tank and the great impact it can have on the enemy turret, which is why, along with a valkyrie and a log, it can be a lifesaver .

Deck 3 Tournament of Fury

That elixir golem…

Elixir Golem can be a great asset alongside Fury, surrounding it with cheap cards to spam its defenses and collapse the other deck.

Deck 4 challenge of rage Clash Royale

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