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Clash Royale: The best decks for the Papa Montapuercos challenge

Christmas is coming royal clash with a new challenge whose main character is the Papa Hog Rider. The new legendary map that will be available from 19 to 25 Dec in a challenge without limit of defeats in order to enjoy it to the fullest.

The challenge consists of winning 8 games and the final prize is one animated smiley of the new and Christmas Supermontapuercos. The other rewards it offers royal clash They are unlocked with wins and are banner tokens, chest keys and a good amount of gold.

The Super Hog Rider’s main power is his ability to drop gifts during your trip. These gifts are spells like the anger, cloning, healing or even a spell to cast intargetables to other units receiving the buff.

  • Damage: 320 (original 318)
  • Hit Points: 1694 (original 1696)
  • Damage per second: 200 (original 198)
  • Attack Speed: 1.6s (original 1.6s)
  • Objectives: structures
  • Speed: very high
  • Range: Melee – short
Wall breakers and royal pigs

In this deck, the protagonists are the pair of wall breakers and the royal pigs. With a quick attack and the spells of the Super Hog Rider, we can break the first tower in one throw. The missile launcher and bomb tower will serve us to clear and defend the rival attack.

Mother witch

Like us, our opponent can use a multi-piece deck with fast recharge and low health, so Mother Witch can be the best asset to defend while creating a good attack back.

super montapuerco deck clash royale 3

defensive deck

This deck would be best for defending both ground and air forces. The ideal would be to wait for the opponent’s attack and launch the Supermontapuercos together with our survivors.

super montapuerco deck clash royale 4

Air attack

In this deck our main attack will be air. The wizard and the fire spirit will be in charge of finishing his defenses and the Supermontapuercos will sniff out our attack.

super montapuerco deck clash royale 2

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