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Clash Royale: Best Season 42 Daily Challenge Decks

royal clash You are in luck, and it is that as soon as the snow falls! A new series of daily challenges of the season begins, in which we will have to compete in different modes to show which player can become the most versatile.

It will be at 10:00 am. CET (Spanish Peninsula Time) this Tuesday, December 13 when this lightning round of daily challengeswhich corresponds to the second major challenge of this season 42.

These last 6 days and each challenge is for a single win. Each challenge with a unique rewardwhere we will find: 500 common pranksters, 1 lightning chest, 1 gold box, 50 rare pranksters, a Christmas valkyrie emote and 10 epic pranksters.

The best decks for daily Clash Royale challenges

In this way, if we want to get all these rewards we will have to play with a large number of different decksand we will have to adapt to each combat style as the challenge presents us.

The best decks for the 2vs2 challenge

In duels with four people on the battlefield, you cover a space where attacking in synergy with your partner is the key to victory, so cards like bandit, archer or the flying machine will be key for the smooth running of the competition.

The best decks for the touchdown challenge

The touchdown is as easy as it is fun royal clash, we have to run. And what runs the most? Montapuercos, battle rams and other similar fauna, although of course you can never forget to defend with tornadoes or bombers.

The best decks for the Sudden Death challenge

Sometimes it’s better to stay calm despite the stress that leaving can bring. For this reason, letters like the miner along with poison are key in this kind of fight.

The best triple elixir challenge decks

Spend and spend and spend some more. That’s the essence of the triple elixir that allows us to forget about the cost of the cards to try to collapse the enemy near their towers.

The best decks for the choice challenge

Yes, we know, you won’t always be able to own the best deck, but when in doubt bet on safe values ​​like valkyrie, knight, mini pekka or even goblins. Don’t forget the attack/defense ratio and try to understand what your strategy will be to win.

Best Mirror Challenge decks

As with the previous one, you also cannot choose your deck. What you should do is try to understand how your deck works before your opponent does. You can also play with the beginning of the game as you have the same cards as your rival and you can use them to your advantage.

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