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The 5 Best Decks for the New Clash Royale Challenge: Let the Snow Fall!

The winter season has finally started royal clashwho takes on the new challenge Let the snow fall!a tournament that will be available until the next one December 11 and where the decks that reign consist of both cards that continue to dominate and new appearances such as the mortar.

Is it time for peace? in royal clash Y the challenge Let the snow fall! opened its doors free entry for all its participants this Monday, where cards such as the miner, phoenix and monk are very present in the decks that have the most wins despite the new nerf they received in the update.

And it is that the goal has not changed too much, although there are variants in which we can put aside the most popular cards to make way for valkyries and even crossbows.

The phoenix continues to dominate

Yes, the miner and phoenix combination will continue to give headaches to anyone who refuses to use it along with a monk who has also settled in the meta, but if you get tired of waiting you can always change the bombardier tower for a good mortar to to push back the enemy.

Graveyard / Poison

Another variant keeps both the Monk and the Phoenix, although for our defense/attack we can add the Classic Cemetery + Poison to ensure good damage in the area, by changing the Legendary Tribe for the Barbarian Barrel to add troops.

Royal pigs again

We already warned that the royal pigs have returned to the meta, which is that this variant adds the explosiveness of said pigs plus the firethrower and its total support in the area.

long live the classics

There is also a small place for anyone who stays away from the phoenix-monk combination, a small place already inhabited where the valkyrie acts as a tank with the wall breakers and a miner with the enemy tower as a target and endless protection for them.

We countered

Defending has always been a good option and Christmas will not deny us that. That’s why there is this variant with an ice mage plus a crossbow to drive away the enemy troops, while we launch missiles left and right.

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