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The new Clash Royale gift, hunting for the Monk’s free emote

A new challenge is coming royal clash and he does it in a really juicy way for everyone with a whole completely free monk emote for everyone. Or at least in exchange for a little effort during a challenge that will bring out the best in us as we fight the phoenixes.

And we’re speaking in the plural, as the flight of the phoenixes returns to the Supercell title starting next Tuesday, November 29. In the challenge, as in the legendary map release, the phoenixes will enter the arena from both sides and we will have to fight them and guide them in the best way to finally bring down the rival’s towers. Of course, we should not lose sight of the eggs multiplied on this occasion. Both the rival’s to avoid being destroyed, and our own to suffocate the opponent.

A challenge to 8 wins with very juicy rewards in which we are next to the fantastic monk emote as the final reward of the eighth victory. The doubly positive part is the total omission of defeats, so we’d be talking about a totally relaxed challenge to chase this reaction.

We are, of course, talking about a recently re-nerfed phoenix, more specifically drastically reducing that egg’s hit points which is a real headache. The phoenix’s resurrection causes her to dominate in the meta, and it was necessary to punch her to stop being so abusive.

The passage of these days, using this flight of the phoenix challenge, will clearly indicate if the nerf has been too much or if it actually serves to keep it extremely useful in many decks, but not as dominant as it has been so far since his release royal clash.

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