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Clash Royale: 5 mirror games in its return to the highest level

The power of purpose royal clash it is starting to leave room for tests with cards of all kinds, despite not being particularly well positioned after the latest balances, but the mirror does not give up placing itself among the best and reappears in the top tier with very attractive miner games, Riders, electric giant and royal pigs.

The power of the phoenix and the monk in the top layer of royal clash it’s undeniable despite the nerfs consecutive of the last two cards entering the game, but nevertheless they are not the centerpiece of all the decks that prevail among professionals and in great challenges today, and the variety of victory conditions is the cause of this.

The mirror appears there to give courage to certain troops that have moved somewhat far from the level type in recent months and have arrived to join the mirror at the top, and while taking over the phoenix is ​​a great option, it’s even more or even do it with a ram rider or some pigs to knock down the enemy tower faster.

mirrored pigs

The royal pigs start to settle into the new meta with one of the usual historical companions like the mirror, a bridge spam deck using the golden knight, and the doubling in a very fast cycle using the poison.

giant x2

The adjustment of the pusho cycles to the meta causes the electric giant to appear promptly in fast decks alongside the elixir collector with minor differences like the healing spirit or the earthquake.

Riders Encore

Duplicating the ram rider is another option in this control deck with so many defense options, and that is the ram rider and the mirror are the only allies of the bridge to break the enemy defenses, but the counter attack of this deck is unstoppable.

Mirror deck and ram rider in Clash Royale

cycled miner

The miner’s chip damage is multiplied here in a total bike deck, the most beast of this group, which the mirror can mainly appear with or the phoenix to prevent the enemy from breathing.

mirror deck and miner

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