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On what day does Clash Royale activate the new nerf for the mighty phoenix?

The balance of urgency begins to become a habit within royal clash since the addition of the monk and the phoenix to the character pool, which is the legendary card being thrust into the spotlight for the second time in weeks with a nerf focused solely on his resurrection that already has a launch day for next week.

the purpose of royal clash It’s a rain of monks and phoenixes in the major challenges and much of the ladder, and with the idea of ​​equalizing the power of all cards, the development team made the decision to weaken the last Legendary to restore the arena along 34% less health for the eggbut when does this change come into play?

Well according to the leaks the chosen day for the express balance is this Monday 21st November to accompany the start of the week with a boost for the rest of the decks because today it’s hard to recommend a deck where the phoenix , and yet his exit from the meta will be very difficult given the outrageous power he shows in all sorts of games.

One of the fastest read posts about the upcoming phoenix nerf is that from now on different cycling maps like log or barbarian barrel will be able to remove the phoenix egg at once, which pretty much equalizes the level of the phoenix. card with that of a direct counter to the enemy, since it’s hard enough to face the legendary bird to spend more defense on his resurrection.

On Monday we’ll see if this mainly hits the meta after a small update and from then on we’ll have to wait for the global balance change being prepared for December as the phoenix will surely take another hit if it continues to dominate the world game like it has been until now.

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