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Clash Royale briefly restores best mode for masters

The search for variants for entertainment in clash royale has in the elixir x7 one of its most radical, fun and profitable proposals, a specific window that usually does not go beyond the four daily clashes of the clan war and now continues in an unlimited way to focus, for only a few days , from the friendly part.

For the second time this season clash royale focuses on x7 elixir from the friendly zone as a guarantee of the Clash Fest to promote mastery, because there is no other possible explanation than to promote the game’s simplest mode so much to focus on the constant rewards of each of the cards of the game… and that they are not yet completed.

As of Wednesday, September 21, the friendlies tab will have much more value for unlimited free card spam in all possible games, at least for the next 24 hours, because decisions like this clash royale it doesn’t set up a counter like the challenges, but last time the mode lasted two full days.

This is in addition to the 4 daily Clan War games and curiously the start of the new Sudden Death Challenge (including barbarian emote) and the 2022 CRL World Cup in clash royale this Friday, the moment when the competitive universe will expand to leave behind unique gifts like the tower skin thanks to predictions

The most interesting point of abusing the masters with the elixir x7 is the near future of the game, as in an indirect leak from within clash royale it was determined that in the future there will be a discount for specific cards to make them easier to level up, so saving gold is now more important than ever.

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