Clash Royale turns the mirror into one of the worst cards


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Removing level 16 in clash royale With the recent grain to the mirror, it leaves a desert of opportunity for replica enthusiasts, which is that clearance to the rival field to eliminate the meta of the double skeletal giant has completely knocked the decks composition down, leaving the card has been destroyed, because it is in the top layer, the mirror has become one of the worst cards in the game.

The urgent balance sheet change of clash royale With a view to the World Cup in September, it’s only been implemented in the game for a few days, but that’s enough to see a small display of the new decks leave the mirror far behind until they see it in the peloton queue, more specifically in the card number 100 of the 107 implemented in the rotation.

According to Royale Api stats, in a few days the map has gone from a place in the top 7 to one of the last in the global ranking within the troops used in the major challenges, the most reliable parameter of the whole game by measurement of equal levels with games mostly from professionals and top level users.

In the last three days, mirror usage has dropped by 6%, a real shame, but the fact is that the win rate from using it has also fallen to a painful 38% with a radical drop in the past week. Now he is only behind in ratings of the Teslars, the Elixir Golem, the Gang, the Witch, the Rocket Launcher, the Wizard and the Furnace.

The radicalization to solve the meta with the removal of level 16 from the mirror leaves it completely out of the worlds, but the question is whether this situation was so exaggerated that the potential was not reduced somewhat rather than taking away an entire level from using the card, as it seems to have been completely eliminated from competing card games in one fell swoop.

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