Clash Royale is giving away a tower skin for the first time in its history


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The Clash Fest fireworks show will be held in clash royale as in clash of clans with the arrival of the World Cup in each of the two Supercell games, a unique window to enjoy the competition and take advantage of the prizes to fill with gems, gold, tokens and even a free skin for the towers.

For the first time since 2016 clash royale provides a skin for the towers for free, that is the giant head of the game’s new housing with the approach of the World Cup, and it is that with the idea of ​​exploiting the already established prize platform fighting stars With each BSC, Supercell is embracing the concept of predictions to award prizes in their other video games.

meanwhile in clash of clans only gems are provided, which are comparable to what a skin costs in the global set, in clash royale getting the most results can lead to each player getting a free skin in addition to a hefty handful of gold, banner tokens and wildcards, and all you need to do is pay attention to the official steps.

As with the BSC, it will turn on in the next few days in the official website of the championship a way to do the games predictions to earn points, and if you do it right, all the prizes saved for the smartest will be unlocked. Here are the 11 rewards with the skin in last place.

  • 200 gold coins
  • 300 gold coins
  • 25 banner chips
  • 50 ordinary pranksters
  • 50 Common Tokens
  • An Emblem of 2022 (emote)
  • 25 special jokers
  • 75 banner tokens
  • 5 epic wilderness
  • 100 banner tokens
  • 1 tower skin

Without a doubt, the look of the tower is one of the most powerful gifts ever made in Clash Royale, as it cannot be bought even with the value of gems, and it is something that has never been launched in the history of the game, so that the value of the predictions is increased to get these exclusive gifts.

The prices of the predictions of the Clash Royale World Cup 2022

In the coming days we will give details on how you can participate to know exactly who you prefer with the idea of ​​getting the maximum possible prizes in clash royale.

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