Clash Royale: The best trick for the free 2v2 challenge


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The format of the Clash Fest in clash royale allows you to expand the game experience to offer a rich number of challenges without allowing the user to even breathe between one and the other, an unknown continuity with the ability to collect more rewards, increase the prizes multiply and above all exercise the power to raise the masters with a trick that is as simple as it is effective.

The golden hours of clash royale were left a few days ago with the elixir x7 infinite game special that has millions of players wagering on using the mastery of many of the cards that are impossible to touch on a daily basis, but that aspect is now coming to the fore again with the 2v2 challenge, all thanks to the elimination of the concept of defeat.

Mostly in the challenges of clash royale there is a loss limit so you can’t get to the last rewards if you fall in a fight 3 or 4 times but in this 2v2 the rules allow you to repeat the fights over and over until you get the last prizes in the form reached from tokens banner or the famous emote with electrified hands colliding.

That extra power not only makes it possible to run thousands of tests in two-versus-two games, but immortalize them with the concept of unlimited games to encourage mastery management in less common cards, so it may be good to to test card games by throwing cards without forcing the win, which is quite normal in most cases if you are not playing full focus.

Therefore there are no tricks or deck recommendations more than that, trying, starting from scratch, shooting triples constantly until you win five games without the pressure of defeats because that will improve mastery without thinking about getting prizes, because with being able to win five cards at any given time, the chest of rewards will fill up even if you lost 50 before,

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