The exclusive battle banner window in Clash Royale

The perception of reality in a game like clash royale it needs a daily update much more than for the current variants of the most powerful decks, and since many forget the store daily, it is necessary to remember the great novelty this season with the banners, an expansion in quantity with exclusivity in the direct payment.

The Clash Fest party is themed: clash royale in this last season with an increase in designs, both in the frames and the contours of the combat standards, and of the 22 new creations, only 16 remain locked in the boxes, while the rest automatically go through the wallets of each of the players .

As with the famous football barbarian, the rotation of banners in the store is a reality with six of the highest versions made for the store, and in this case it is the archer with the famous kitsune mask that occupies the main module of the store together with a handful of gems.

With the base five euros or dollars, the celebration of the archer with her ritual will add 500 gems to each player’s briefcase in a new strategy proposed by clash royale for months, because what was once purely free with the customization extra, was called to become one more version to extend the benefits.

the refusal of clash royale to make skins for each of the characters outside of the golden dressings with no economic extra generates for the company the need to look for aspects from a different perspective, and the banner boxes start positioning themselves as that alternative to monetize, another option to the odds of the game outside the arena.

Source : Esports eldes marque


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