Clash Royale is giving away a secret emote to the entire community


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The overall effort of clash royale to go to the next level with The Royale Crown Down has a new surprise behind the event in the form of an emote, and that is that without announcing it before, the game reveals an exclusive emoticon for all players who have registered to join a point.

The hit effect of clash royale part of the prizes to establish a direct connection with the players with more rewards than expected, because after several debates around the magic coins with a limited number to raffle by the captains, this seems to go directly to all accounts .

Taking advantage of the last day of competition, Supercell announces the delivery of an exclusive emote simply because it was part of one of the 12 teams of The Royale Crown Down and is doing so by generating it as a secret as it has not been shown how for the time being the emote will look exactly like that.

No exact date clash royale it is only ensured that the secret will be kept until next week, after which it will appear immediately in the account of each of them. Meanwhile, the question mark is the only element present so far, so there are no exact clues as to where it will go.

Over the past two weeks, both the Healing Ghost and the Electric Ghost have been protagonists as the Week’s Enhanced Cards, in addition to appearing in various Challenges, so it would make sense to propose another Ghost within this award. Still, we’ll have to wait a week to see if there will finally be a streamer’s representation that relates it to the winning club.

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