Clash Royale: The 7 Best Decks for the Triple Elixir Tournament


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Coming Friday, March 25, the first challenge after The Royale Crown Down has started will be a Triple Elixir Tournament challenge in which the tanks will shine along with the most powerful combos in the game, so we recommend up to 7 decks exclusively for this weekend clash royale

the electric tornado

Circling cards as powerful as the electric giant consumes any type of deck due to its high elixir spend, but at x3 it shines perfectly if you’re constantly thinking about attacks. Lightning is the strongest spell, but can also be turned into fireball to combine with the tornado.

double tank

Mega Knight to defend, refuel and then cast the giant nobleman, this is the only strategy of a special offensive card game that works perfectly in triple elixir. Push, slow, move rivals with the fisherman and the two spells guide each strategy in both one and two lanes.

Mega Knight Deck in Clash Royale

the day of the golem

The golem’s fury, along with some splashes as the baby dragon already forms an important duo in clash royalebut when the most powerful spell creeps in too, along with the Skeleton King’s fury, we get one of the toughest decks to play, framed perfectly for x3.

Golem Deck in Clash Royale

the day of the dog

Fury, lava hound and cloning are three concepts that have been united in decks of all kinds for years and while nothing new, it is an archetype of security for those used to dealing with these types of decks. The flying machine is a must, the skeleton army and the bats are interchangeable for any cycling map.

lava dog cover

mr. Hog Rider

A boar rider cycle in a triple elixir is both fun and risky, especially since you can abuse the same card as many times as you want, but there are few other options with this card game to damage the opponent. Pig riding and lightning bike riding is the only thing that will win you the game, focus with that and fly.

Pig Rider Hammer

bridgespam manual

Spam bridge decks are fashionable and in this case we propose this with three pieces proposed for the attack with the PEKKA as control accompaniment. It is one of the most repeated decks in major challenges, we are not going to tell you anything new except that it works to make the rival dizzy between the two lines and thus protect him from his strategy.

Spam Bridge Deck in Clash Royale

The risk of trying

If you’re one of those in search of entertainment, this deck will undoubtedly be your choice, with plenty of risk, but plenty of opportunities to satisfy your ego when Sparks does its job. The usual thing in this kind of challenge is to find all kinds of tanks, which is why the spark from behind is life insurance in this mix.

Spark Deck in Clash Royale

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