Clash Royale: How are the event’s magic coins delivered?


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The prize package linked to clash royale with the event The Royale Crown Down has much more nuances than similar ones because of the error in the communication of the game, and it is that there are many players who have half-understood the rules of delivering rewards, such as the famous magic coins, a extra that will only reach a lucky few.

With the Royal Tournament about to end at the end of the first of the three challenges of The Royale Crown Downthe voice of the community is rising with constant questions about the prizes for the players, an additional one regarding entertainment with some restrictions.

Players who have gone through the Royal Tournament have already easily unlocked the Healing Spirit emote and have certainly exceeded 5,000 cups with their captain to get the first global crown in the event, but under so much confirmation, the desire to get magic coins disappears. obtain in thin air.

In the official version of clash royale about the event, did not specify in detail how the magic coins would be delivered, one of the most powerful elements in the game due to its ability to level up each card while cutting all costs (great for raising a Legendary to level 14).

While many thought it would be a global gift, its own community managers and streamers later clarified something that the magic coins would not be delivered to all users and would only be delivered to certain followers in a timely manner for each captain of the 12 teams.

Exact figures have not yet been given but taking into account the millions of players of clash royaleIt seems impossible that there are many magic coins for much of each content creator’s community, so the best solution is to earn as much as possible in the challenges.

In the absence of prizes for the next two challenges, Supercell has clarified that in the coming weeks there will be exclusive previews of the next season of the game featuring the Spirit of Healing as a card leveled up to level 14 for the various card games, a perfect complement that deviates from the usual win condition.

Update: In the last few hours some streamers have made it clear that there could be magic coins for all players, we have to wait for The Royale Crown Down to go through to have all the information.

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