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Are Maisie’s Brawl Pass and the Brawl Stars Blines worth it?

The new season has just started brawl stars. ‘The Rescue’ in the jungle, according to issue #18 as we know the game as it is so far with its season system and the Brawl Pass, radically changing again.

The battle pass has been transformed because needs have been one or the other, and now with the arrival of Bling, it is once again undergoing serious changes that it will maintain in the future, at least until further notice.

And with so much change, it’s natural to ask a question. Is it worth buying the Brawl Pass? Because its value x13, which is preserved, is always sweet. But to what extent is it worth spending those valuable 169 gems or better to keep them for a few months?

Does Maisie’s Brawl Pass Compensate in Brawl Stars?

Well, on the one hand, we have the subjective part. The one that leads us to Maisie, the new chromatic fighter with special skills to say the least. Getting the character of each season is what gives value to the Brawl Pass, and just the one that may or may not adapt to our tastes or abilities says a lot.

Is that also true brawl stars significantly reduced the cost of chromatic brawlersand if before it cost 4,500 color credits to buy the brawler of the current pass, now it is only 2,500, which can save us the rest of the Brawl Pass.

But then we have the bling factor. Because various rewards disappear in exchange for this new currency. But the truth is, we can with them buy up to four skins with the blines we get.

On the one hand, we have 2,750 in the 0 mark instead of the skin, which equates to being able to buy a super special skin of 79 gems, or two special skins of 29 gems and 750 blines left. Then at point 10, a series of reactions disappears in exchange for another 1,600 blines, equal to one epic reaction, two specials, or four regular ones, at our choice and without arbitrariness. To complete the pass on the 70 (free) with one batch less reactions in exchange for 2000 coins, very necessary to gain power, buy stars, gadgets and reinforcements for the increasingly numerous fighters.

In short, if we want skins and reactions in addition to Maisie, the Brawl Pass is very necessary. And possibly more profitable than in previous months. Different are the flavors of each and that you don’t feel motivated with what we encounter along the way.

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