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Brawl Stars: The 4 free skins hidden in the Brawl Pass after the Bling

It’s time to a new season in brawl stars. And a very special one, because it will be the first to start with the already built-in blin system, and that means a lot of changes, both for the Star League and for what concerns us most, the Brawl Pass.

And it is that today it’s time to talk about skins, well, a lot they will wonder where the level 0 skin is, where we have found Nita Gominola or El Mayordomo in recent seasons. But everything in this season 18 of brawl stars change with bling.

But it changes in our favor and by a lot, because before it is true that we got a “free” skin when we bought the Brawl Pass and without doing anything else. But is that now with said Brawl Pass we can get up to 4 extra skins for Masie Reina de la Selvawhich we found at the 70.

Four hidden skins in the new Season 18 Brawl Pass

It is true that from now on everything will be so brawl starsor at least until there are more changes but the one for the new jungle season will be very profitable to buy because with that we get the 2750 blins of brand 0, equivalent to a skin of 79 gems. And then the series of responses from mark 10 also changes to another 1,600 blinesequivalent to another cheaper skin and some emote.

That means on level 10 of the Brawl Pass they get 4,350 blines, enough to get 4 skins with a cost of 29 gems, and we have another 350 left for icons or emotes. Either that, or be able to practically get an epic skin (as long as we have a small savings of 650 blines).

One skin disappears, but four new ones appear. Admittedly, we also lose a lot of responses, but the exchange is more than beneficial to be able to as well get what we want without depending on luck.

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