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Brawl Stars: Surprise nerfed Willow on full balance day

Today brawl stars it was a great day for it Willowbut luck is parked until you try your new skills because in the middle of a series of improvements for the pitcher we have a surprise nerf looking not to stimulate it too much.

And it is that on this Friday, April 28, Willow’s complete skill set has arrived. Or what’s the same, we can already enjoy both his second gadget and his second great skill. Although not in the way we expected.

Willow completes her skill pack in Brawl Stars

On the one hand we have second gadget: diving. With this, Willow dives for two seconds and during that time she is invulnerable. They can’t attack her, but she can’t act and she can’t move either. A zhonyas for practical purposes, like Lou’s ice block.

And on the other hand, we have the controversy of the day Obsession, the ability of the second star. Thanks to this, Willow causes mind-controlled enemies to gain 25% extra movement speed. Something that was originally thought to be 75% for total destruction.

Of course, before the release of Willow in brawl starsdid the pitcher get a generous round of general buffs, both at the stat level and skill level, significantly improving damage, or with abilities that were initially banned, such as scoring goals with a mind-controlled fighter, and that is finally possible.

Thus, the brawler’s skill kit is complete, so that everyone can choose what to use depending on the conditions, mode and map, or at least until use determines which skill is useful and which is better left untouched.

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