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Brawl Stars: How to Get the April Finals Rewards

The Brawl Stars Championship 2023 come back with another chance to get free rewards. A new batch of coins and tokens to increase our coffers and grow our account, and one more by the way emoji for free at the end of the road this month.

Although it is a continuation of the previous finals, so if we were confused in the previous monthly finals, we will now have to row and walk finer in the next direct. Although it is not unreasonable to get many more points than necessary.

Rewards from the April Monthly Finals in Brawl Stars
  • 2100 points – 50 chips
  • 2200 points – 50 coins
  • 2300 points – 50 chips
  • 2400 points – 50 coins
  • 2500 points – 50 chips
  • 2600 points – 50 coins
  • 2700 points – 50 chips
  • 2800 points – 50 coins
  • 2900 points – 50 chips
  • 3000 points – emote Penny

All dates and times of the April monthly finals

How do you get those points? As always. Watch the live streams of the monthly finals on the official event website of brawl stars. We need to register with our Supercell ID and start earning points from there react live, answer random questions, or most importantly correctly predict the winner of a match and vote for the MVP at the end.

When? Well, the schedules of this 2023 remain quite generous for Europe, especially in view of our region and that of our brothers in Latin America. More than enough to collect the necessary points.

  • April 29 – 6:55 AM CEST – Southeast Asia Grand Final
    • Next: Indian Grand Finals
    • Next: East Asia Semifinals
  • April 29 – 12:00 AM CET – EMEA (Europe)
  • April 30 – 5:00 PM CET – South America East
  • April 30 – 8:00 PM CET – South America West
  • April 30 – 11:05 PM CEST – North America East
  • May 1 – 02:00 CET – North America West
  • Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua and El Salvador : -8h
  • Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Panama: -7am
  • Chile, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Paraguay and Venezuela: -6h
  • Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: -5h

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