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Brawl Stars: The best fighters for the Golden Week challenge

Time management is a virtue when it comes to investing endlessly in challenges of brawl stars like the one in Golden Week because grabbing all the prizes in 10 maps without blinking is not the same as spending a whole afternoon in Golden Week taking advantage of unlimited lives, the thrill of getting the best results requires effort, a good pack of combos and the aftertaste of opening a few suitcases of bling.

This Saturday brawl stars shines from the store with the light of Emz Harajuku featuring the appearance of Wednesday Addams’ twin sister, a special bond in the form of a tribute, dance and notes from Lady Gaga who completely paints the game menus to take us from the shop to the new Golden Week challenge that will run until May 3rd is .

With five days left and the easiest challenge ever, beating 10 maps without fear of losing prizes thanks to unlimited lives, our goal is to help all those anxious players who disconnect and lose without knowing what to do when the evening falls, to push. overcoming the challenge, but it’s as easy as finding the ideal combos for each of the maps and game modes.

Gem Fort (gem catcher)
  • Nita, Pam and Ash
Treacherous Prairie (starfighter)
  • Shelly, Bo and Tara
Golden Arm Ravine (knockout)
  • Shelly, Grom and Brock
Ring of Fire (restricted zone)
  • Lola, Little and Penny
Safe Zone (Robbery)
  • Grom, Carl and Belle
Rewards up to 10 wins
  • Card 1: 150 gold and a player icon
  • Map 2: 150 power points and another player icon
  • Map 3: 100 blines and another player icon
  • Card 4: 100 credits and a fourth player icon
  • Card 5: 300 gold coins and 50 color credits
  • 10 wins: a new player icon

That’s without a doubt brawl stars tries again to hook a large number of players with a very clear strategy, two consecutive challenges with a free background thanks to the unlimited lives guaranteesomething that is also noticeable in the delivery of player icons already achieved by many, which will mean a new chest of gold.

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