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Brawl Stars confirms Siege’s return to game modes

It’s been almost two years now brawl stars ‘loaded’ Siege mode, by popular demand. It was the least played mode of all, a big difference from the others, a problem that over time led to it being eliminated.

But as time went on, the sense of nostalgia made the community more often, and more accurately, request Siege’s return, even temporarily, to enjoy his unbridled style again.

In the last weeks There was already talk of Siege’s possible return, and it didn’t take the team long to confirm on the latest Time to Explain podcast. So later than soon he will be with us again.

Of course it will not be easy, as it was once again insisted that «it worked really bad» and in the reasons that led to them eliminating game mode: «We know there are many who loved Siege, but there are many more who didn’t. Each mode slot must have a certain valuebecause you spread the matchmaking which is expected to make times more pleasant, but if you have a mode that doesn’t work, it’s bad for the game«.

That said, the team brawl stars left an open door for the future. Yes indeed, first it will be necessary to make a series of improvements, just like with Cargowhose return they also talked about, citing the game mode surveys.

And it is that since last season we have the Community Modes tab, where Brawloncesto and Duels are now, and where Volleybrawl will return next season. Perhaps in the summer it will be time to see the possible return of Siege and Cargo, but time will tell how close this idea really is.

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