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Brawl Stars tie these emotes to gems, impossible to buy with blines

It’s been a few days now brawl stars welcomed Bling, the new currency that allows F2P to almost completely supplant gems, enabling us buy paid-only items with these new blines that we achieve through our efforts.

But there is still a lot to learn about them, which we will find out over time. The new season starting next Monday, May 1, will be key, both with the Brawl Pass and Star League, which are a source of blines for consegiur skin and other free elements.

We already knew that the most exclusive skins stay that way and can only be bought for gems, but the same goes for certain emotes and icons, which are impossible to buy with blinesalbeit for a logical reason.

Well, going into the catalog, we see quite a few responses that we can’t buy. Logical, because many are exclusive tied to a specific skin or a mastery. But apart from them, there is only one exception in everything brawl stars, those emotes that can be bought, yes, but only through gems.

We talk about the reactions and team icons: STMN, QLASH, Tribe Gaming, ZETA DIVISION, SK Gaming, Reply Totem, Na’Vi and Team Queso. The first accessible with 29 gems and the second with 19 gems. Why can’t they be bought for blines? Well, for the simple reason of share revenue with teams.

Any purchase we make of any of these items is a direct support to the Brawl Stars Championship and the teams that make it up, and they receive a large portion of the revenue for those gems that is spent on the support icons and reactions. Therefore, a free to play coin would mean there was no income for them, and therefore the purchase would make no sense.

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