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Brawl Stars: when can you buy the new skins with bling?

The golden Week by brawl stars is about to start, and that means we will already have the first skins of the new season. The first to arrive under the precepts of the bling to avoid paying gems.

EMZ Harajuku is one of these early jungle skinsand which we can get by paying 79 gems. Only? Yes, because although it will also be available for blines, we will have to wait. A new rule to reward those who deposit gems into the skins so they can show them off longer than other mortals.

That rule will only be broken with Max Leopardo, this season’s skin that has no waiting time to be bought by blines. And in each season there will be a new exception with the newcomers so that we can enjoy it from day one, without paying gems.

It is this Saturday, April 29, when EMZ Harajuku arrives brawl stars, on the occasion of the celebration of Golden Week, which also brings us a challenge in which we can find blines as a reward. If we win them, the original prize will be from 2,750 blines it will be much more affordable.

Of course it won’t be before after two weeks, that is, on May 13, when the skin is available to purchase with blines. A time that will also and until further notice be the same for all future skins in the game, except for that exception of each season.

New rules and new ways of understanding the economy of brawl starsand what we get used to while calculating how many blines we can get per season between Brawl Pass, challenges, Star League, trophy reset… And so how much we can allocate to the most expensive skins in the game, or how many emotes you need from our main buy to complete their collection.

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