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Brawl Stars: This brawler is god in the new Survival mode

Forget everything you know brawl starsstep on Meg’s mech, level it up to maximum level if you haven’t already and don the ‘We are the Champions’ before starting the game, because with that you already have the perfect package to destroy rivals thanks to the recent rework mainly in the games of the new Survival with the healing of the giant sausages.

It remains strange to talk about sausages on a map brawl stars but if the developers want it that way, we won’t be less when it comes to looking for the best game analysis, especially now that it’s easier than ever to come up with suitable counters or choices thanks to the most broken Meg ever seen in the Supercell game since his arrival in September 2021.

Everything happens to take advantage of the tank form now completed at the beginning of the game to take advantage of the health potential along with the complete skill set and that’s just the beginning to understand that every game of Survival ends with two or three Megs fighting each other to take the win.

If you want to leverage Meg’s choice even more, all you have to do is give her reinforcements a spin to dig in the trash, because spending a few resources to bet on the health reinforcement is a must to withstand another blow. ​until you’re immortal, a real madness, both in Survival and other modes.

Combination with little

Leaving Survival games for this Meg is also a walk through the possibilities she generates in all sorts of combos, especially healing ones. Competing with a constantly healing Meg thanks to the support of a Poco can be an impossible mission for the rivals, which is why it is one of the most disgusting team formations in Brawl Stars today.

We don’t believe this situation will last long in the current meta and given that the developers confirmed before the update that there would be several balance changes once the season starts, it’s not out of the question that the young engineer will lose a lot of power over a few to dawn. .

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