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Brawl Stars prepares the nerf for Meg, a breath like a leak

The sausage feast in which brawl stars has become Survival games has a single superlative brawler that hangs around games from start to finish which is the main reason to believe some content creators’ words about bonding closely with Meg a must after a rework it at the top of the meta… and of Supercell’s famous 1v9.

Creating characters in a video game like brawl stars has the main mission to combine originality with the unique value of mechanics and skills, but sometimes that feeling creates beasts as powerful as Meg in the game, and it’s not like we’re talking about a character fresh out of the oven , but forget about one who got a push to go for a run.

The associated balance of the jungle Brawl Talk brought a short balance that promised more changes in the short term, and the news comes from youtubers like Trebor. In his latest video, the Spaniard explains that he’s been told internally that Meg is going to eat some pretty tasty nerd sooner rather than later, and of course the first thing to do is to go for the trophies for the descent.

Today Meg is the most powerful fighter in the game, at least in the special Survival games where the health restoration sausages appear, as it’s not uncommon to end a game and that the final four fighters are a curly-haired girl riding a mecha. The problem is in the usual, the accompaniment of the season.

This season the Star League skin is that of Meg Spirit Jaguar and it would be strange not to give the community room to go for the skin in games like this when the value of the rework is taken away so quickly, but of course , the meta meanwhile hurts… especially when placed in the 3v3 with a Poco nearby that can give him a healing bonus in certain situations. For now, all that’s left is to wait, pray to upload some trophies, and throw in the Showdown wieners.

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