Brawl Stars: Surge’s new pirate skin, on the way with Supercell Make

It’s time for another Supercell Make-in brawl stars. It’s not Christmas, though the pirates return from Surge’s handin a new campaign that will once again bring out the best in the community as they scratch their heads to find the best designs

A robot aboard a pirate ship? Why not? The development team of brawl stars. So from here Thursday January 12It’s time to start getting our ideas out and for the community to see them for their later vote.

After all, we all know that Surge likes to party, and no one likes it more than pirates! (as they already demonstrated that Christmas when we were invaded by ships). And now it’s up to us to create his look like Surge Marinero or Surge Boatswain or Surge Davy Jones (as long as Supercell agrees to the deal with pirates of the Caribbean).

Although, since we are talking about pirates, it is better that everything stays in the world of the video game (although with the same origin as the Disneyland attraction) and try it with a Surge LeChuck, the legendary demonic zombie ghost pirate of the saga Monkey Island.

Everything else depends on our imagination and our know-how as artists. Good design doesn’t have to be perfect, as transferring it to the game is the job of the developers brawl starsbut it will come in better through the eyes of those who vote, and who will be the ones who decide which skins deserve to be entered as finalists in this new Surge campaign in Supercell Make.

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