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Brawl Stars secretly goes on a mission to win an exclusive World Cup icon

brawl stars activate the protocol of the World Finals 2022 in the game with a differential element for all players, a prize focused on experience within an exclusive game mode with a free prize only for destroying rivals 15 times, a perk to motivate the community about what will happen from November 25 to 27 at Disneyland.

The 16 best teams in the world from brawl stars The biggest international competition of the Supercell game will be played at Disneyland from Friday, and suffice to say, this has built a giant castle around the event with predictions, modes, prizes and above all a shower of possibilities for the players on the day to day.

With the appearance of Furious Tara at the top, brawl stars start touching red buttons to collect rewards in the community, such as the new icon related to the World Finals 2022, a prize aimed at Brawl Ball games for all those players who are able to destroy 15 enemies.

Choosing a killer for a particularly offensive role, there should be no more than three games to choose the famous icon, a way to get hooked on the World Finals with the three days of competition with a Buzz, Crow, Edgar or Leon among so many others.

The mission will be available in the menu for the next six days to make the most of the world’s appeal, so there’s plenty of time to complete it as the hours go by, as will Nita’s brand new reaction challenge.

To all this we must add that brawl stars has already activated on its interactive website the ability to start the predictions with the first four games to earn points to obtain Enraged Tara, so We leave you here the best recommendations with the favorite teams.

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