Brawl Stars: The 24 Best Compositions for the Nita Challenge


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This Tuesday, November 22, a little demon awakens in Nita’s new Reaction Challenge brawl starsan eight-card challenge to get a good pack of rewards in which the little fighter’s emotes can be turned into gold, introduced a new mechanic in a challenge for the next six days with the corresponding recommendations in the form of compositions.

The search for the ideal brawlers for each map and game mode in the challenges is multiplied by the challenge related to Nita, a new proposal open to play in company to go as far as possible and thus bring a complete pack of emotes to Nita’s bank transferable, although if you already have them there are additional prizes.

For the first time, the game gives away gold coins if you already have the item saved in your account, so depending on the rarity you will receive 100 gold coins if the emote is common, 200 if it’s rare, and 300 if it’s epic. And the most interesting, this is the starting point of a new kind of challenges, will it be a clue to imagine that later Brawl Stars will do the same with the rest of the characters in the game?

Knockout (Golden Arm canyon)
  • Genie, Leon and Spike
  • Tap, Bonnie and Rico
  • Grom, Mr. P and Spike
Brawl Ball (speed of light)
  • Stu, Bibi and Emz
  • Max, Buster and Bonnie
  • Surge, Griff and Sandy
Atrapagemas (underground cave)
  • Griff, Tara and Carl
  • Genie, Pam and Rico
  • Ash, Buster and Tara
Heist (GG Cemetery)
  • Tap, Brock and Colt
  • Colt, Tick and Eva
  • Brock, Piper and Bull
Starfighter (no man’s land)
  • Tara, Bo and Sandy
  • Tap, genius and Brock
  • Tara, Bo and Tik
Restricted Zone (Street Fighter 2)
  • Nita, Little and Griff
  • Barley, Buster and Surge
  • Gale, Stu and Genie
Knockout (hard life)
  • Brock, Bonnie and Piper
  • Belle, Bea and Genie
  • Tap, Bonnie and Bo
Knob ball (slalom)
  • Bea, Stu, Gale
  • Janet, Emz and Belle
  • Ash, Griff and Max

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