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Best fighters for the Action Heroes challenge in Brawl Stars

brawl stars On the morning of this Monday, he closes his last challenge, but not without giving the go-ahead for yet another surprise. action hero challenge. A new adventure that takes us through 12 maps in search of quite a few more rewards.

12 wins with a limit of 4 losses with star points, coins and lots of boxes, plus one exclusive player icon as a final reward for those who manage to finish it.

12 games played four destruction cards that force us to be attentive to all play, as a kill can be the key to victory or defeat. Are you one of those who play completely aggressively to harass the opponent, or one of those who prefer to play it safe? Be that as it may, pulling the best compositions is always key brawl stars.

The best fighters for the action heroes challenge

As always the best advice for every challenge of brawl stars It attracts friends or club mates, using external means of communication such as Discord. A communication bonus gives a huge advantage, as does not throwing the game due to a bad choice of brawlers:

  • Map 1 – Quadruple damage: Otis, Eve, and Bonnie

Despite the walls, we are talking about a range map, where avoiding water is a very beneficial element. Of course, other strategies can come in here, such as that of a Sam that is still broken, or the import of Lou or a pitcher like Tick ​​or Gromtaking advantage of the fact that the rival can be confined within its own walls.

  • Map 2 – Translocation: Sam, Buster and Piper

This card also allows multiple combinations, and if you don’t have the new chromatic, Gus It can do its job like a charm. If we prefer to have a full range, Brock or Lola They are also great alternatives.

  • Map 3 – Enemy Fire: Tick, Otis and Gus

Another slightly tricky map that can be played with a lot depending on what we’re good at. Zoneo and sustain are the keywords, but the aggressiveness and range of Janet Y Bonnieor the versatility of Sam if we play with his heals and extra speed he can give us the win too.

  • Map 4 – Twisted Branch: Sam, Grom and Gus

the purpose of brawl stars It’s been very pronounced lately. In tighter spaces, Sam can shine while Grom shines from afar. definitely again otis also pretty broken Bonnie or the possible surprise entrance of Nita or griffin.

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