Brawl Stars includes the rain of coins among the daily gifts


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fighting stars take care of your community with one of the largest displays ever seen around the Lunar New Year holiday, a package of 12 gifts in 10 days with an unexpected extra added to the prizes, an extensive coin shower across the calendar that will greatly increase the gold.

The preparation of the lunar year, in this case that of the tiger, is always particularly careful in Supercell games such as clash royale or fighting starsin this case with an elongated list of gifts handed out during 10 days among which the well-known mega boxes stand out.

But knowing the added power of multiplying players on special dates, the developers hit the hype button in the process, including a special event, the famous gold multiplier called ‘Rain of coins’.

This extra means at least 200 coins per day in addition to the coins saved on the outside day, and with simple accounts that means about 2,000 gold coins over the 10 days of the game, a fundamental extra with the current cost between the shells of gold, the purchase of gadgets, great skills or just the emergence of brawlers.

Usually, the famous coin rain is kept closed for a single weekend, but the Lunar New Year celebration extends the game’s capabilities to give a plus to the entire community, in this case making gold a necessary resource for strengthening characters.

While some would have preferred the symbolic multiplier to think of opening boxes at the end of the season, the truth is that the value of gold is much higher since the implementation of the new levels 10 and 11 in all fighters, a fundamental reach the top extra and compete to be among the best.

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