Brawl Stars: how to explode two rivals with 24 power cubes with Shelly


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The glow of the power cubes in the games of Survival in fighting stars is a symbol of rejection for most players looking for a chance at a late game trophy unless you have Bull or Shelly on hand especially when the bushes allow such spectacular play as a double super that can do anything destroy.

learning strategies in fighting stars it’s only infinite with the combination of gears, super, stellar abilities and gadgets in the game’s 55+ fighters, but the return to basics in certain games elevates the player to a privileged position from which to make a final decision . decision, take the risk of pulling out all the stops, even if you have everything prepared for defeat.

The survival player in fighting stars with fighters like Shelley o Bull is destined to get lost in the bushes in search of weak prey, but as the seconds go by, the game will get more complicated if not enough eliminations or power cubes are reached depending on mobility or luck.

That’s when the personal decision to pull out all the stops in a tricky situation, like seeing a full team with 24 powercubes, generally goes into your space. There split-second decisions are made to win or lose the game in a flash, and this Shelly is the perfect example that sometimes you have to take risks to get great clips. In most cases, this move goes awry for Shelly due to the movement capacity of one of the rivals, especially since it’s hard to have two rivals close enough to catch both of them… but the spectacular thing is there . Risking is sometimes more visual than effective, but when this piece hits 24 powercubes, it’s indelible.

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