Brawl Stars: The Best Fighters for the Starfighter Challenge


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End of September is hectic in fighting starsnot only in the level of updates like with the arrival of Gus, but also in terms of activity with the start of another challenge like the Starfighter Challenge that will keep us busy over the weekend.

It wasn’t that long ago that we first left the heist challenge behind us, and also the gem catcher challenge a while ago. Now begins the third dedicated to a specific game mode, focusing on 10 wins for 5 different cards until we reach the end where a memorial spray awaits us, as happened with the challenges of survival and fight ball.

Starfighter Challenge which also coincides with a whole double chip event, so we have no excuse not to burn those chips and max out our Brawl Pass and get boxes everywhere to try and get one of the new brawlers. And by the way, get more boxes during the challenge, coins and a new one gus reaction.

Best Fighter Compositions for the Starfighter Challenge

  • Map 1 – Temple Ruins: Sam, Otis, Ash

Mastering the lawn edges is key in this first phase, and tough fighters like Ash and Sam, who are able to destroy anyone who enters one by one, will give an advantage to the central partner, aiming for high range where he could come in Lola, Bonnie or Bo.

  • Map 2 – Grand Canal: Eve, Janet, Dynamike

A great classic where different compositions can make their appearance. And it is that to take advantage of the power of Sam and Ash can be another idea, or destroy all the walls and play with the range of boor zone with Squeak of Grom.

  • Card 3 – Blood Drought: Brock, Piper, Tick

Few doubts, but there are several variants offered by this other classic bounty card. Are you brave? risk with a dead can produce great results. And if you’re not a big fan of Tick, Sprout is also capable of them true Belle of Bo may be alternatives in the range.

  • Card 4 – Excellent: Sam, Rico, Leon

A rare card for competitive, but also very diverse. Again dead it could be another nightmare, or we could choose the path to break everything with brock and tickaccompanied by a Bea of ​​Byron Take advantage of that extra reach.

  • Map 4 – Organized Crime: Piper, Stu, Tick

The nightmare of many gamers fighting stars comes to complete this challenge. A solid composition can make us corner the opponent and let Tick do his thing. a map where genius, Brock or the couple pink-small They can also do a lot of damage.

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