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Impossible mission in Brawl Stars, the ace of Dynamike to Bull

The ability to handle certain characters perfectly in fighting stars puts some players in the Olympus against impossible games such as the escape of a Dynamike to fight against Bull, a priori a losing battle that changes completely with the success of all the basics, both for damage and to take advantage of the jump of the genius of the dynamite.

Resource management in a game like fighting stars It is essential to achieve every objective, be it to be in first place in Survival, finish the game without damage or get one of the clips of the year as Teke achieved here by a Dynamics from another world.

The verification of each of the Dyna’s moves perfectly demonstrates the correct use of the base, using each of the dynamites to jump and trick his rival, nothing less than a bull that can make him explode with a single attack. The constant success, bait and eventual destruction are well worth an unforeseen spin on the script.Making five consecutive jumps also taking the opportunity to deal damage and destroy the bull is undoubtedly a unique ability to not only guess the enemy’s movement, but also connect the skill to the movement of the enemy. the character and thus achieve a game full of complexity from every point of view perspective.

Dynamike is one of the most dangerous choice in survival games because of the fighter’s vulnerability against assassins like Fang, Edgar or Buzz and many others, but in this case his skill pack is used with perfect controls to not only advance on departure, but leave a spectacular clip.

Today, Dynamike is far from being in the meta, illustrating that the treatment of certain players, both amateurs and professionals, with certain brawlers far beyond what the top-level game demands, if the treatment is perfect, any choice can be made. be made profitable in the arena.

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