The 72% screenshot bug, cause and fix in Brawl Stars


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Measuring the hype surrounding the next update of fighting stars It’s one of the most interesting values ​​of the current scene because of the expected rework of the gears, along with the invitation to rejoin on Halloween, but at the expense of them and the weekly challenges, the game suffers from a constant problem with some devices for the 72% error, and there doesn’t seem to be a short term fix.

Stop the loading screen fighting stars at 72% is one of the worst current news stories in recent weeks and with the many news stories among this week’s linked challenges, it is a problem for many to be involved in an endless cycle of getting in and out depending on the device they play with…and that’s the biggest problem.

The bug in question is one of the simplest known in fighting stars, a loading screen that freezes halfway through and jumps depending on the day on certain phones or tablets, but doesn’t seem to have a solution or answer as of yet. Frank Keienburg, the main boss of the game, explains it this way:We’ve seen reports and we’re seeing what’s happening, but resolving it isn’t that easy, so no fix is ​​planned at the moment«.

This kind of situation is difficult for the player to digest when, when opening the application, the screenshot is found again and again, but Dani Medeiros, community manager, elaborates on the dilemma: «I’ve sent messages to some players to gather information, but we haven’t found the cause. Apparently it has to do with the performance of the mobile but it is inconsistent because the same device sometimes behaves differently«.

It’s impossible to imagine what percentage of players are suffering from the bug, but small as it is, the frustration seems to be multiplying in the community. Hopefully it’ll be a matter of days and all the rewards they can’t collect in these weeks of linked challenges between Heist, Atrapagemas and Starfighter will be resolved.

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