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The Tragic Story of Gus, the Ghost Child from Brawl Stars

For the vast majority of gamers fighting stars Gus’s in-game landing on Friday, September 23 is the starting point for expanding control of healing props, but the lore enthusiast tries to dig a little deeper into the appearance of the first half-human, half-ghost character, something confirmed by official road between the attractions of Starr Park.

The recreation of the mysteries of fighting stars around Starr Park is one of the main themes of the game’s lore and thanks to this a large player base has been maintained in search of puzzles, answers and the construction of a story that has yet to be revealed, but Gus seems to include another puzzle in the story’s more popular setting.

After a change of description where he descended a few steps in agony, attached to Gus, it now appears that the young man is now fully involved in Starr Park as a real ghost boy who once got lost in the park while chasing balloons, and from there to the terrifying blow that hides its history.

In the official presentation, Gus appears to be yet another victim of Starr Park, as has happened to so many other characters, and from what little we know, it stands out that he was still a kid who enjoyed the park with Jessie, Nite, Leon or Bonnie, the friends of the same age who fit that famous ghost photo.

This also confirms that this season has indirectly returned to Starr Park despite being in the Robot Factory, and it’s that the introduction of Gus from the park itself opens up the possibility that Starr Park 2 will become reality sooner rather than later to clarify some of the mysteries offered in recent years.

That intersection of humans, robots, or even humans hidden behind costumes (AKA Griff) indicates something powerfully dark in the development of a plot that will continue to leave mysteries behind, for without a great final act, only winks can continue to happen as the seasons pass. until the doors of each of the attractions reopen.

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