The 4 initial rewards to exploit Gus in Brawl Stars


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The second brawl of September is coming fighting stars this Friday the 23rd with the guarantee that it will be one of the easiest to get in years, a particularly low rarity that allows it to sneak into the first mega boxes opened to debut with an extra mission, perfect for adding rewards, the one up a bit and demonstrate its full potential.

fighting stars contains a new support in the meta after a few weeks of testing with Sam at the top, but the turn to Starr Park with the little ghost creates especially high hopes for small healing cubes appearing in all parts of the map thanks to the blue spectra.

When a new character’s test and a chest with prizes related to the first games are added to it, the desire to catch Gus multiplies, an effect that has increased over the seasons and that fighting stars has known how to improve to make the moment of landing of a newcomer more attractive.

  • Restore 25,000 health points with Gus (300 tokens)
  • Win 15 games (300 gold coins)
  • Defeat 20 enemies (300 tokens)
  • Play 10 team matches (250 fighter points)

Gus’ incentive goes way beyond the first tests, and is that if you take into account that with a low-level brawler the games are usually much simpler, you can get all the rewards at once in just over those first 10 confrontations. get, so the plus to perfect the mind is perfect.

It’s time to check the days if the meta is good for support in a state where Poco is one of the best fighters in the entire game after the last balance change, but it seems like the little balloon lover has a similar profile in other game modes with his peculiar style of fighting.

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