The new Brawl Stars gift in Survival games


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fighting stars It will be activated on weekdays with several juicy novelties for daily activity, a triple move with a game mode, a gift and a new gadget traversing the main menu thanks to the prize for returning to the Duo Survival games of the famous Robot Factory , all just a few days after Gus’s official appearance on the character list.

Wednesday is usually not a particularly viral day in fighting stars but in this case Supercell seems to have pressed a button to move the wires and generate a small earthquake with three interesting proposals, the most interesting without a doubt the activation of a new reward for more than 15 victories in Duo Survival, a special challenge with a robot icon after the season’s themed rebuild.

That’s where Sam comes into the equation, as the tank is one of the strongest fighters in the game since its appearance in Tier 30 of the Brawl Pass, making it one of the most interesting picks for the duo Survival mode with the idea from achieving the said victories with a companion or assassin to add damage.

Oddly enough, it’s the day chosen for the landing of Sam’s second gadget, along with the return of Mystery mode to the main menu, two more turns before Gus shows up on Friday, September 23, when the meta can definitely change it. after a couple of pretty busy weeks in terms of balances.

In recent hours, the goal seems to have been disrupted with a balance centered on Gus himself, on Stu and especially on Otisand it is that the latter has become the weakest fighter since his appearance of those who along with a new season in the history of fighting starsso the top-level choices may be changed in the next few hours.

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