Brawl Stars Strike Balance With Global Buff For Otis And Gus


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Controlling peaks in the updates of fighting stars hits a wall with the conclusion of the trophy season and its collection of star points, a landing to make up for lost time with an express balance around Otis, Gus and Surge with the desired extra power for the sea monster after a season where it is barely relevant been.

The leak from a few weeks ago is half gone with regard to the officiality of a balance change in fighting stars which remains without references to Stu, although the rest of the content has a marked improvement for Gus before his appearance and especially Otis, the only chromatic in the game’s history without consequences since his appearance in Season 13.

  • Otis – Damage per hit increased from 420 to 460 and super will now do 340 bases per tap (3 without benefits and 4 starred)
  • Gus: His base attack goes from 920 to 960; Super now charges faster and requires 4 basics instead of 5. Charging speed is also increased by 7%.
  • Surge: Ammunition reload gadget reduced from x3 to x2.

As for the leak of the same balance a week ago, Stu’s disappearance from the improvements is surprising, as the robot is said to have a life extension from 2,800 to 2,900 which falls by the wayside after internal testing, so that at the moment in limbo. game as the rest of the leaks have been confirmed in this express update.

The balance change is also a common mistake when entering players in The Last Bastion, the last mode in the game with some bugs over the weekend. What is not being responded to is the bug in some devices that generates a delay when certain players enter the Survival maps, something the community managers say is still being worked on without an internal fix.

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