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Brawl Stars hides the buff for Stu in the last balance change

The chaos in Starr Park seems to have translated at times into a fundamental balance shift to shift the waves of the meta from fighting stars in recent days an exchange of blows that translates into a half-baked balance that initially lacks information due to the absence of a buff for Stu, along with the fix of a bug that made him especially powerful.

The trophy road bike fighting stars closed a few hours ago on the morning of Monday, September 19, and it came with an expected balance sheet change that was rushed through despite appearing mid-season, but the need and leaks from the previous week caused the hype around Otis, Stu and Gus.

The case of the robot is the strangest of all because, despite being on the list of elected officials in the leaks, it completely disappeared in the official report of changes in the balance, but everything seemed to be a mistake, because with the passage of the hours the adjustments to the circus robot were confirmed and gave him an extra life.

Still, the main change is the elimination after several weeks of the famous bug that allowed Stu to activate his super by simply pressing the gadget button, something that made him particularly strong in all sorts of modes and ends up being completely blocked. . This is the full change of balances:

  • Otis – Damage per hit increased from 420 to 460 and super will now do 340 bases per tap (3 without benefits and 4 starred)
  • Gus: His base attack goes from 920 to 960; Super now charges faster and requires 4 basics instead of 5. Charging speed is also increased by 7%.
  • Stu: Increases your life from 2,800 to 2,900 and the bug where he could charge his super by activating the wall breaker gadget has been fixed for good.
  • Surge: Ammunition reload gadget reduced from x3 to x2.

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