Sam, the new owner of the Brawl Stars meta according to the stats


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control over the target fighting stars It has as many sides as there are possibilities between modes, maps and ramps within games with prohibitions, but Sam is in the debate to position himself as one of the most powerful fighters according to professionals and the statistics prove them right in a large number of modes like Atrapagemas or Brawl Ball.

The status of the last chromatic fighter to enter the battle arena leaves the tank as one of the best opportunities to face the compositions thanks to the ability to burst with the super, a beularm with many possibilities that now begins to level up. be unlocked 30 for the vast majority of gamers fighting stars.

From that stability and constant testing, the stat count is born at the highest level above 900 cups, the basis for analyzing Brawl Stats data with the idea of ​​deciphering where Belle’s new trio partner is strongest, and the solution lies very close to the top layer.

In Atrapagemas, he especially shines with a win rate of 63.4%, placing himself as the strongest fighter in the mode, although he is far from the most selected. Currently, Mortis, Rico, Tara, Poco, Crow, Bo, and Surge have higher priority in over 3% of games.

Another strong point of the outlaw is Brawl Ball, the usual gathering to collect cups for new fighters. In this case, it takes 62.9% of the wins, and also sneaks in among the most used, a figure similar to that of Restricted Zone, where it is also the absolute leader with a rather high appearance.

In Survival, he sneaks into the top 5 in terms of win rate, second only to Colette, Pam, Poco and Shelly, becoming a necessary tank for compositions, while in Heist and Starfighter he doesn’t even make it into the top 10 despite being a new fighter who needs games to level up.

The professionals of fighting stars they’re starting to see an opportunity for the meta in Sam after the initial analysis, but it remains to be seen if this will be reflected in the competition in a multiple appearance in the main compositions, we’ll see if with the passage of the days is reflected in something other than the first statistics in their first weeks of life.

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