All the Brawl Stars trios after the arrival of Janet and Bonnie


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With each passing season, fighting stars He completes his lore of trios. Having completed one of them during this season 12 of the Acrobatic Show with the appearance of Janet in this Brawl Pass and the imminent arrival of Bonniewith which the game will add a total of 57 brawlers.

More than fifty fighters very good divided into families or companions of deeds. some threesomes perfectly defined by the fighting starsand that out of curiosity that moment when a new trio is completed always seems satisfying.

for now they are 21 trios released in the game, although not all of them are complete for obvious reasons. After Janet and Bonnie, there will be new fighters. Will these serve to complete the existing trios or will they open completely new trios in search of the element of surprise?

  • the western threesome: Shelly, Colt and Spike.
  • The tribe: Nita, Bo and Leon.
  • retropolis: Taurus, Bibi and Crow.
  • the redhead family: Jessie, Nani and Pam.
  • the arcade threesome: Brock, 8-bit and Rico.
  • the miners: Dynamike, Carl and Jacky.
  • The Immortals: Mortis, Frank and Emz.
  • the mystics: Gene, Tara and Sandy.
  • pirates: Tik, Darryl and Penny.
  • The trio of biologists: Bea, Rosa and Sprout.
  • the Mexicans: El Primo, Poco and Amber.
  • snowtel: mr. P, Gale and Lou.
  • The city: Barley, Piper and Byron.
  • the superheroes: Max, Surge and Meg.
  • Starr Park: Colette, Edgar and Griff.
  • Starr Force: Collar, Squeak and Eva.
  • test circuit: Stu, Janet and Bonnie.

Incomplete threesomes in Brawl Stars

  • Band of the Golden Arm: Belle (two missing).
  • Jurassic Park: Buzz (two missing).
  • Medieval castle: Ash and Grom (one missing).
  • brawlwood: Lola and Fang (one missing).

Only time can answer that last question. Trying to make everything fit as quickly as possible, be able to predict what the new brawlers might be like, or go for the surprise and that the season 13 brawler 58 is the first of a trio of 22.

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