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Brawl Stars Denies Bonnie’s Release Date

the link of fighting stars by the next part of Season 12 from next Monday, May 2 to perform the Brawl Pass ‘start’ button with Janet’s appearance as a chromatic fighter, but her little sister will take a little longer to get into the boxes appear, limited patience with a date marked on the calendar.

Doubts surrounding little Bonnie and her Clyde cannon are finally allayed with the latest sneak peeks from the content creators of fighting stars to analyze his entire skill set and also his release date, a question with a much clearer answer now.

So far, the only clue has been the appearance of the Bonnie Empress skin on June 6, but no one had given any clue until Coach Cory confirmed the epic fighter’s appearance in the early days of June a few hours ago, so there will be a months to find it in the boxes.

For now, only a few privileged people have been able to test it thanks to the exclusive version of Supercell, but there are not a few who expected that Bonnie could become the most broken fighter ever in the game thanks to her ability to destroy as a sniper along with its two playable versions. And when we talk about his amazing ability to get rank, we’re not even talking anymore.

cannon shape (Clyd):
  • Primary Attack: Milk Tooth
    Fires a tooth-shaped cannonball in a single projectile from great distance
  • Super: Bullet Woman
    Bonnie launches from Clyde and deals damage on hit and changes form
Bonnie shape
  • Main Attack: Ace in the Hole
    Bonnie throws a cluster of small, close-range grenades that deal a lot of damage.
  • Super: Clyde
    Switch back to the gun
  • Gadget 1: Sugar Rush
    Clyde’s attack and movement speed is increased by 30% for 5 seconds.
  • Gadget 2: Crash Test
    Bonnie runs a short distance and hits brawlers while dealing 300 damage
  • Star Ability 1: Gunpowder
    Bullet Woman has 36% more reach
  • Star Ability 2: Wisdom Tooth
    Clyde’s attack breaks on hit and deals 25% projectile damage

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