The 6 crazy predictions for the Brawl Talk on April 23


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The deepest voices of the community of fighting stars They are waiting for the Brawl Talk as a glimmer of hope to give the game a full turn beyond the leaks of the last few weeks, a dream game change to change the perspective that seems difficult at the moment with all the news coming for season 12. has been brought forward… but what if it was real?

Logical predictions about future changes in fighting stars has a list of 10 real possibilities in the form of promisesbut here we continue to discover what could be the unexpected novelties that completely change the purpose of landing in this musical season scheduled for May 2.

Before that date, the Brawl Talk arrives, predictably this Friday, April 23, a journey to the news pack from where nerfs to Eve, a new chromatic, a thematic musical season and a pack of skins related to BTS are introduced, but the hype is through the clouds , so it’s time to dream of something bigger.

Give me the login

One of the leaks promotes the appearance of a first login to receive daily rewards when connecting to the game, an increase in prizes that we know will have at least a few related emotes. Could a new free fighter fall into this new proposal at this point? It would be crazy, but if Edgar had already fallen…


fighting stars It’s moved into the music world over the past few seasons with its own songs, so with an exclusive theme for Season 12, you can imagine a group of its own with new songs that go beyond what Bad Randoms has done. Emz Pop Starr solo, let’s leave it at that.

5v5 mode

It seems too early to post such a beastly game-changer as 5v5 due to the complexity of the visual aspect, both in terms of maps and space, but we are sure that one day this twist will be a reality, at least in friendly modes.

Rework to freight

These days it seems impossible to imagine the success of a game mode like Knockout in its day, especially since none are as compelling as the one to stay in the game automatically, but Destruction could achieve this and even overlap it. The key is whether there will be a rework of Cargo, the most original mode proposed in a long time.

Kill 5 rivals with Tara’s Super

Not all of the ultimate abilities in Brawl Stars allow such an idea in the missions, but the truth is that the game needs a spin around the weekly or seasonal challenges, and this would definitely turn around to give it a little more complexity . It will set many back because of its difficulty, but when these types of actions come in, they will give life to the day to day.

Improved gold and silver skins

In recent days, an image has gone viral about the possible attack effects of each of the gold and silver hides, a near-impossible dream come true through individual work. These are the skins with the least weight in the game these days, but who knows if they’ll ever think of giving it a new look with decisions like this.

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