Post Malone is coming to Apex Legends and bringing with him a new event. With the event we get a new game mode as well as skins that liven up our Apex matches.

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Post Malone joins Apex Legends as the biggest partnership in its history. With the Apex Legends x Post Malone event, we get a new game mode and skins inspired by the artist’s love for gaming.

Post Malone x Apex Legends: New Limited Time Game Mode

The Apex Legends x Post Malone event starts on November 7th and lasts for two weeks. You will receive a 1.5x XP boost on all XP earned between November 10th and 12th, 2023. You’ll also receive a 1.5x XP boost during the Three Strikes event from November 17th to 19th.

With the Post Malone event we also get a new limited time mode. Three shots. This action-packed mode offers faster respawns and invincibility when you defeat him. Your Trio team has three chances to be the last team. Players are only killed once the entire team is wiped out. At this point your team will be attacked and you will reappear on the map with the same equipment you had when you were cleared. Lose all three strikes and you’re out.

New cosmetics designed with Post Malone

The Apex Legends x Post Malone event introduces a new version – Iconic – with 4 Legend skins and 4 weapon skins.

Apex Legends Post Malone Shop Bundles

You can also collect 23 Posty stickers. Once you have collected all 20 stickers from the packs, you will receive 3 legendary stickers for your healing and shield items.

Game Rewards Store

You can earn up to 285 Stealth Credits per day by completing daily challenges and use them to unlock event cosmetics.

Free Apex Post Malone Rewards

Twitch Drops

From November 7th to November 21st, you can earn exclusive cosmetic items by watching Apex Legends Twitch streams.

Available drops Watched for hours
7th-14th November Weapon Amulet 1 1 hour, 1 hour total
7th-14th November Holospray 1 1 hour, 2 hours total
November 14-21st Weapon talisman 2 1 hour, 1 hour total
November 14-21st Holospray 2 1 hour, 2 hours total
November 14-21st Posty sticker pack 1 hour, 3 hours total
Apex Post Twitch Drops

Watch the new event trailer here:

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