If only Respawn Entertainment wanted to keep a secret about what’s coming next in Apex Legends. It could well be that the developer failed again. Smart people would have discovered its existence a new character and some of his abilities.

Inspirational Story: Baker

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Inspirational Story: Baker

An achievement obtained by analyzing two files that you can find below:

The latter would therefore have revealed a lot of information. This new main character would be called out first nomad. As for his arsenal, it would be equipped with it new Titan weapon and a compass that allows him to identify the location of each prey, or something like that. Because another way could see this compass Mark an easy area where this loot is located.

In fact, the possibilities of this object can be diverse. Anyway, if all of this is true, this new gear should come in very handy in your next games.

As a reminder, Apex Legends is available on Xbox One, PC and PS4.

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