Within a month, Apex Legends broke records and managed to eclipse Fortnite, which we thought was unbeatable. To achieve its goal, EA was ready to get hold of the wallet. Proof of this is the numerous influencers who announced that they played the new battle royale via a special hashtag on Twitter. And to get ninja publicitythe most popular streamer right now, The publisher is said to have spent up to $1 million.

Inspirational Story: Baker

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Inspirational Story: Baker

The news agency ReutersClaiming to have this information from a source suggests that that nice six-figure check may have been wrong in exchange for a stream on Apex Legends to its 13 million Twitch subscribers, plus a series of tweets within 24 hours of starting the game.

To know thatEA After inviting several influencers to Los Angeles, including some of the most famous streamers, we can hardly imagine how much money was spent on marketing in total, but the result will have been worth it.

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